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About Blue Harbour

Blue Harbour was developed from the beginning with the objective of being the premier development of its type on Roatan.  It was always intended to become home (full-time or seasonal) to owners who wanted a particular combination of adventure, exotica, security and comfort. 


The first two components were pretty easy.  Generally no one  winds up on Roatan unless there is an adventuresome bone somewhere in his or her body, and the flora and fauna are ever-present reminders of the fact that you have somehow landed about 17 degrees north of the equator and in the western end of the Caribbean Basin.  Bananas and avocados are so abundant that you are as likely to be handed some from a neighbor’s bounty as you are to buy them at the produce market.  Iguanas lounge on tree limbs and “monkey la-las” (a curious, absolutely harmless and shy lizard that runs away on two legs when you approach him) scurry into underbrush.  All we had to do was refrain from detracting from the natural beauty and local features of the place itself.  


A quarter-mile of pristine Caribbean oceanfront was of course always going to be the centerpiece of the development as you can see from the various pictures, the reef structure lying a couple football fields length from shore in front of the development displays shades and hues of blue and green that change constantly during the day with the sun’s angle.


The 13-acre parcel from which Blue Harbour was developed was perfectly situated to provide a layout that provides every lot owner with a piece of the sea.  The 13 beach-front lots of course have direct access (each is about 100 feet wide) to the water, and these premium lots offer unobstructed views of the ocean.  Every evening, the sun sinks into the sea in full view.  There are twelve “back” lots in Blue Harbour, and the term itself is almost a misnomer.  The lots are laid out in a staggered fashion, so the center of each “back” lot has a view to the sea straight down the boundary line between the ocean-front lots.  Building restrictions in the Home Owners’ Association documents prohibit structures on the front lots that inhibit the views from behind.  So even for a price substantially below that of an ocean-front lot, the “back” lot owner has a permanent piece of the sea.


Centrally located – no more than about five lot-widths away from any particular lot – is the 510-foot dock that takes you from ankle-deep water into depths sufficient to accommodate large boats.  You’ll notice that some of the pictures on the website caught a sailboat in the mid-40-foot range peacefully resting at the end of the dock in fully navigable depths, but protected by the reef a couple hundred feet further seaward.  The utilities are all underground, with no unsightly poles or wires to mar the views.  Immediately as development process allowed, landscaping was begun, and the fruits of the effort are everywhere.  The entire neighborhood is a lush garden.



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