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The staggered unit design will be used on both Lots 1 (three homes) and Lot 6 (five homes).  This provides the maximum privacy available.  Each set of townhomes will have its own pool and unique landscaping, arranged to provide views out to the sea from both ground floor patios and the pool area.  Of course, views from the second floor patios will constitute exceptional sea-facing vistas.  The courtyard/garage combination is not available anywhere else on the Island, and was a central element that went into the architects’ design. 


Each set of townhomes will have its own mini-condominium regime, which provides for the basic maintenance and operational requirements (landscaping, exterior painting and repair, cistern maintenance and operation) without relegating unnecessary duties or authority to a complicated or bureaucratic condominium association.  Instead, the arrangement will feel like a simple and inexpensive agreement among a very few (either three or five) neighbors with respect to a very limited number of common maintenance and operational issues.

The Blue Harbour developers set aside Lots 1 and 6 for the construction of townhomes, if and when demand for them arises.  Up to three townhomes can be built on Lot 1, and up to five can be built on Lot 6.  These two lots were configured to accommodate this use.  No special exceptions with respect to size, style or other design or construction elements were (or will be) made with respect to the construction of units on these two lots – the application of the same high standards of design and construction materials and procedures ensures that any townhomes ultimately constructed will be integrated seamlessly into the neighborhood.


Award-winning architects House+House were chosen to develop, from the ground up, the design and working drawings for the townhomes.   You can read more about Steven and Cathi House at their website, here.  (They are available for custom residence design, too, and as you’ll see if you visit their website, they’ve done a huge amount of impressive work in the styles appropriate for Blue Harbor and in tropical and beach locations – including on Roatan itself.)


Elevations for the five-unit building (which would go on Lot 6) are available here.  Renderings can be viewed by clicking here, and complete floor plans can be seen here.  The three—unit building on Lot 1 would simply be a three-unit version of the five-unit building.  Each has the same amenities, including pool and gardens.  Each unit owner will pay his or her normal HOA fees (currently about $200/month) for common are maintenance and common facilities use.  In addition, a simple condominium agreement will apply to each set of units in order to arrange for individual lot landscaping maintenance, exterior maintenance and pool maintenance on a uniform basis. 


We will build the three-unit building on Lot 1 upon the sale of one unit (of the three) at pre-construction, and we will build the five-unit building on Lot 6 upon the sale of two units (of the five) at pre-construction pricing. For information on current pre-construction pricing, please contact us. The center unit on Lot 6 will be retained by the developers for personal use.  The higher per-unit pricing for the units on Lot 1 reflects the somewhat lower density at that Lot as well as the advantage of each unit’s sharing the pool and other amenities with only two other owners.   Only three units (one on Lot 1; two on Lot 6) will be offered at pre-construction pricing.


The three buyers at pre-construction pricing will have the ability to choose interior fixtures and finishes.  Unlike developments in which buyers are asked to make unsecured payments up-front for construction that occurs in the future, a construction draw procedure through a US title company will ensure that payments will be applied to construction from purchasers’ funds only when well-established construction milestones are achieved, such that the value of in-place construction will always exceed the amount of interim draws applied.  


If you are interested in becoming the owner of one of these unique units at a pre-construction price, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions that you have, supply any further information that you require, and then work with you on construction schedule and interior finish and fixture selections.




These drawings show the floor plans for the townhomes.  The ceilings are high, the feeling is cool, with stucco and tile surfaces.  The spaces are airy, with multiple doors opening to the outside spaces.  For those few buyers who purchase pre-construction, a full range of custom finishes, fixtures and appliances will be available, and interiors can be customized as desired.


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