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Lot  ​N​o.1


Lot No. 1 is the first Lot you see upon entering Blue Harbour.  Its gentle slope down to the private road gives it both a wonderful building site and elevations that produce excellent views, especially from upper floors of any building constructed on it. Although the Lot could be purchased for an individual home this Lot is currently reserved by the developers for possible construction of a three-unit condominium. For a detailed description of the plans, construction options and other information, go to the tab labeled “Townhomes”.

Single Family

Lot  ​N​o.2



This Lot is sold.  The owners have indicated an intention to build a residence soon.

Lot  ​N​o.3


This Lot is sold. The owners are currently developing plans, which we expect to be submitted for approval soon.

Lot ​N​o.4


This Lot is available for purchase for $185,000. It has a large, level buildable area and lush vegetation as you can see in this picture (right). This Lot has spectacular views out to the Caribbean over (given its elevation) and between currently-constructed houses on beach-front Lots 21 and 22.  Though this picture (below) is taken from the back half of the Lot, the possibilities are obvious. The fact that construction footprints and building heights are already established on the front Lots give this Lot some added appeal; the residence for this lot could be constructed in a manner calculated to maximize premium views with the owner’s complete assurance that the views won’t be further limited in the future. 

Lot  ​N​o.5


This Lot is sold. The beautiful residence being constructed on this lot is shown here. The photos reflect how even a sizable house such as this one can be constructed with minimal disturbance to existing vegetation on certain Lots , resulting in virtually a ready-made garden setting upon completion of the house.


Lot  ​N​o.6


This Lot is currently reserved by the developers for developers for possible construction of a five-unit condominium. This shot (right) shows the lush vegetation in which the five-plex will be nestled, and this one (below) shows the extraordinary views to be afforded from the townhomes – straight down the beautifully-constructed and blue-lighted dock that is Blue Harbour’s signature. For a detailed description of the plans, construction options and other information, go to the tab labeled “Townhomes,” or click here.  Be one of two buyers that get pre-construction pricing on these homes and kick off the construction.

Lot  ​N​o.7


This Lot (right) is available purchase for $190,000. It enjoys views (below) to the water across the boundary between beachfront Lots 18 and 19. The residence on Lot 18 (shown in the previous photo) is complete, assuring the view corridor on at least the eastern side. Given the elevation of Lot 7 and the fact that the residence on Lot 18 is one-story, the view corridor is enhanced.  Its level area and mature trees will accommodate a variety of layouts, though, of course, two-story construction would provide the most breath-taking views of the multi-colored waters. Of course, any residence constructed on Lot 19 will comply with setback requirements, so even if a multi-story residence is constructed there, great views are assured in perpetuity. The western edge of Lot 7 is a mere 60 feet from the walkway that leads to the private Blue Harbour dock, and any residence constructed on Lot 7 will enjoy wonderful views of the dock and boats that happen to be berthed there from time to time. 


Lot  ​N​o.8


This Lot is available for purchase for $190,000. Similarly situated to Lot 7, Lot 8 enjoys the benefits of elevation as well as completed construction on one of the beachfront Lots over which it has ocean views. The one-story construction on Lot 18 (one of the two beachfront Lots in front of Lot 8 and shown in the photograph above) enhance its views, especially if the ultimate owner of Lot 8 chooses a multi-story house plan. Lot 8 has a wonderful level building pad  and awaits the construction of a special residence. 


Lot  ​N​o.9


This Lot (right) is available for purchase for $190,000.  As you drive toward the cul-de-sac at the end of the development, you pass this point – one of the highest elevations in the neighborhood. This end of the development has rocky “bluff” formations on the beach side, and sits well above beach level, affording great views of the spectacular Caribbean waters. In this photo (below), you can see the building-ready area as well as the rear wll of the development, which surrounds the Lots on all sides except for the sea.

Lot  ​N​o.10


This Lot is sold, and the owner has recently completed construction of a lovely house. Landscaping, including pool and gardens have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee and are, we understand, to be under development soon.


Lot  ​N​o.11


This Lot, one of the largest in the development at .55 acres (right), is available for purchase for $190,000. Situated near the end of the cul-de-sac road, privacy is assured. With a view corridor down the boundary between Lots 14 and 15, and construction completed on lot 14, construction of a house on this Lot could be calculated to maximize permanent views of the sea.  The elevation is high (below) with open areas and a fringe of trees.



Lot  ​N​o.12


This unique Lot (right) is available for purchase for $190,000. At the end of the road, the ultimate owner of this Lot will have the maximum privacy available. In addition, the nearly 150-foot front Lot line affords ample opportunity for siting a residence that makes the most of the magnificent views available (below (shown is a temporary construction shed on the beach-front Lot across the internal drive from Lot 12). The development’s high masonry wall at the rear and eastern edge of this Lot enhance the privacy and security of the residence that will be built here.


Lot  ​N​o.17


This Lot is sold.



Lot  ​N​o.18


This Lot is sold and the construction of a magnificent house has been completed. The owner has enhanced the beachfront at this lot by adding a tasteful rock retaining wall and sandy area, with steps leading down to the beach from this “bluff” lot. 


Lot  ​N​o.16


This Lot is sold, and the owner has recently received approval form the Architectural Control Committee for an exquisite residence.



Lot  ​N​o.15


This premium beachfront Lot (right) is available for purchase for $320,000. Some people like the “bluff” Lots with a little elevation above the water, while others prefer Lots that gently slope down to a sandy beach. As you can see, purchasers have bought these two categories of lots in Blue Harbour in approximately equal numbers. Lot 15 is a bluff Lot with an incomparable view (below left) If you want an absolutely top-shelf Caribbean beachfront lot, Lot 15 may well be the right one for you. It has a wider-than-average beachfront boundary of 103 feet.  Take a look at the crystal-clear water (below right) that could be your back yard.  Then one last look at the view (lower) from your patio, pool or wall of windows. 

Lot  ​N​o.14


This Lot is sold, and is the site of the first house completed in Blue Harbor. You can see that the owner chose to virtually wrap the beautifully-constructed house in a lush tropical garden. It is easy to grow everything from limes to avocados here. The landscaping at this Lot is a gorgeous example of what can be accomplished in the way of mature landscaping in a relatively short period of time.


Lot  ​N​o.13


This Lot is sold and the owner plans to build in the near future.


Lot  ​N​o.22 & 23


These Lots were sold together to accommodate a magnificent, large residence, which has recently been completed, with landscaping and finishing touches being added. This house is near the maximum allowed at Blue Harbor, but as you can see from pictures here and here, fits beautifully into the topography. A fine example of premium craftsmanship, materials and design.


Lot  ​N​o.21


The owners of this Lot designed a residence uniquely suited for the development and this particular Lot.  During the construction process, however, they ran into some unexpected health issues and have decided to sell the house upon completion of the exterior, which as you can see from the pictures, they have nearly achieved.  With concrete wall construction, Spanish tile roof and very high-quality windows and doors, this residence is the perfect choice for a buyer who would like to avoid the wait associated with the structural phase of construction, but who wants to control every aspect of the interior non-structural design and finishes.  If you have an interest, contact us for full plans, additional pictures and a conversation with the contractor that is finishing up the exterior.  The contractor is prepared to finish the interior to the specifications of the buyer and can provide a range of options and pricing.  


Lot  ​N​o.20


This Lot (right) is available for purchase for $320,000 and is situated similarly to Lot 19, but on the opposite side of the dock (below), which would be steps from you door on the right-hand side (looking out to sea) . The gently-sloping topography starts here and runs through Lot 25 at the westerly edge of the development. With construction under way, and building footprints established on neighboring Lot 21, and with the dock walkway defining the easterly side of this Lot, the residence on Lot 20 could be sited for a combination of maximum privacy and view. A beautiful, large lot at .54 acres


Lot  ​N​o.19


This Lot (right) is available for purchase for $320,000. This Lot (below left) is one of two beachfront “bluff” Lots available. Walk a few steps from the porch or patio of your new house to the private dock (below right), and then stroll its 500-foot length, stopping along the way to observe brightly-colored fish, starfish and other natural wonders through crystal clear waters. Or enjoy the muted blue dock lights as they illuminate as the sun sinks into its own reflection in the water. Lot 19 boasts stunning, lush vegetation (lower left) as well as a beautiful, wide stretch of beach (lower right).  


Lot  ​N​o.24


This Lot (right) is available for $320,000.   With a gentle slope down to the wide  beach with dramatic coral and rock formations (below), this Lot can accommodate any house in style. The neighboring house on Lots 22-23 (lower left) is placed in the center of two assembled Lots, leaving extra room between neighbors here.  Wade into the glass-clear waters here (lower right) out to your knees and still be able to count the grains of sand between your toes. 


Lot  ​N​o.25


The largest of the beachfront lots, Lot 25 (right) is available for purchase for $320,000. With 137 feet of shoreline (below left), it has the longest beachfront of any Blue Harbour Lot. This is lot with gently sloping topography, leading down to the sandy beach – perfect for an infinity-edged pool that erases the distinction between its own waters and the sea into which it would seem to melt (below right). With the residence on Lot 24 likely to be sited somewhat to the eastern side of the Lot (given the setback on Lot 22), and with the Blue Harbour wall on the western side, Lot 25 will afford unmatched privacy. Its long configuration invites a driveway that winds through tropical gardens. 

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Blue Harbour is a development consisting of 25 Lots of approximately ½ acre each.  As reflected in the plat, there are 13 ocean-front lots and 12 Lots separated from the water only by the small private, internal road and the ocean front Lots themselves.


Click on any Lot shown on the plat and you will be taken to information about that particular Lot.  Alternatively, scroll through the brief descriptions below and read about each Lot individually. 

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