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Blue Harbour is a neighborhood, but one in which privacy is prized and protected.  Each lot is of a minimum size of about one-half acre – about three times the size of a typical suburban lot in many US developments.  And though Blue Harbor owners can be expected to be interesting and unique individuals, there are some common guideline requirements that ensure that the development will be fully built out in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing manner. There is a minimum and maximum house size; fundamental design elements are required to be in the Mediterranean or Spanish style, and exterior building materials and colors require approval at the Architectural Control Board level.


The development is entirely surrounded by a masonry wall of more than six feet in height, providing both privacy and security.  The Homeowner's Association controls the operation of a guardhouse, the engagement of full-time security guards and communications systems for security purposes.  Every owner that has built a residence to date has chosen to include a private swimming pool.  Houses in Blue Harbour incorporate fine materials like granite and other stone components, weather resistant stucco and metal or tile roofs and other state of the art conveniences found in premium construction in the US and other parts of the world.


The developers of Blue Harbour completed construction of the infrastructure about the time the world real estate market collapsed.  At that point, a few lots had been sold on a pre-construction basis, but the bulk of the lots had not been sold.  Instead of reducing lot prices and clearing the inventory as quickly as possible, the developers decided to protect the integrity of the development (and the investments of the owners that had already bought) by simply taking the Lots off the market and waiting for economic conditions to improve.  That has now happened, and lots are being offered for sale again, at prices that are commensurate with the quality that has been preserved for the neighborhood. 


If you are looking for comfort, quality construction and security in a wonderfully exotic Caribbean setting, Blue Harbor could be the place for you to build your dream.

The Property

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